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Wholesale Catering Made Fresh Daily by Professional Chefs

Devour It Wholesale - specialising in servicing the commercial foodservice industry.

Devour it Catering supplies a cost-effective and convenient catering solution for a range of businesses throughout Metropolitan Melbourne, including:

  • Cafés & Restaurants
  • Caterers
  • Convenience stores
  • Delis
  • Gourmet supermarkets
  • Hospitals
  • School tuckshops (canteens)

Give Your Customers a Range Refresh.

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Individual Quiches, Pies and Tarts

Nothing compares to flaky pastry fresh out of the oven. Our range of quiches, pies and tarts for wholesale are baked daily by our catering team, and suit all tastes and dietary requirements. Start the day off with our breaky tarts made with crisp, flaky pastry and the classic combination of egg and bacon, or spinach, fetta and tomato for a vegetarian option. Our tarts, risotto balls and filos are the perfect size to serve with salad as a lunch, and we have some great options for dietary requirements including gluten free frittatas and vegan carrot and tofu filos.

Delicious flavour combinations include:

  • Egg & bacon breakfast tart in puff pastry
  • Spinach & tomato breakfast tart in puff pastry
  • Chunky vegetable frittata (GF)
  • Pumpkin & sage risotto ball with cheese centre
  • Spinach & tomato risotto ball with cheese centre
  • Spinach & cheese filo parcel
  • Lamb & pinenut filo parcel
  • Pork & fennel sausage roll
  • Salmon & dill patties
  • Chicken & mushroom filo parcels
  • Spinach, cheese & sundried tomato muffins
  • Carrot & tofu filo parcels
  • Vegan shepards pie
  • Individual baked ricottas
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Whole Pies, Quiches and Bakes

Devour It Catering makes whole pies, bakes and quiches fresh daily for wholesale delivery. Not only are our range of whole quiches, pies and bakes delicious, but they look great displayed as a whole or in portions in your front refrigerated display unit. Our range includes the classic cafe favourites like beef lasagne, pasta bake, and egg and bacon quiche, as well as the impressive vegetarian tortilla stacks.

Our tasty combinations include:

  • Large chunky vegetable frittata (GF)
  • Beef or vegetarian moussaka
  • Beef or vegetarian lasagne
  • Vegetable & bean tortilla stack
  • Chicken, mushroom & rosemary pasta bake
  • Tuna & vegetable pasta bake
  • Bacon & egg quiche
  • Spinach, pumpkin & pinenut quiche
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Wholesale Soups

Soups require a lot of ingredients, and even more time to make. Devour It Catering saves your business time and energy by delivering fresh soup daily to your door. We source the best quality ingredients from dedicated wholesale suppliers, cook our soups to catering quality standards, and package them bulk 5 litre bags. Most of our soups cater for dietary requirements and are either gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian or low fat, but you wouldn’t know it because they taste so great.

Some of our tasty flavours are:

  • Lamb shank & barley soup
  • Tomato, lentil & vegetable soup
  • Minestrone soup
  • Carrot & sweet potato soup
  • Vegetable & barley soup
  • Pea & ham soup
  • Pumpkin & coconut soup
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Chicken & corn soup
  • Moroccan chicken soup
  • Broccoli & cheese soup
  • Turkish chickpea & tomato soup
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Bulk Casseroles

Comfort means casseroles. Casseroles mean slow cooking. Slow cooking means unbeatable tenderness and flavour. However, it also means a lot of time in the kitchen. At Devour It Catering, we are always in the kitchen so you don’t have to be. The meat in our casseroles is fall-apart tender, and our convenient 5kg packs mean that you can offer a new special daily.

Some of our tantalising tastes are:

  • Creamy chicken, white wine & vegetable casserole
  • Beef stroganoff with mushrooms
  • Massaman beef curry
  • Beef balls in Napoli sauce
  • Moroccan vegetable tagine
  • Butter chicken
  • Beef and chorizo chilli
  • Rice
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Fresh Wholesale Salads

Whether your customers are choosing a healthy lifestyle choice, or are simply in the mood for something fresh and delicious, our range of bulk salad options are not only flavoursome, but they are also extremely versatile. To achieve a shelf life of 5 days, we don’t add leafy greens to our salads. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. You can easily add rocket, baby spinach, or even protein such as roasted chicken or marinated lamb to Devour It Catering wholesale salads to make them go even further. Serve our salads an accompaniment to your meals, or as a delicious plate of salad all on its own.

Freshness comes in combinations such as:

  • Potato, egg & bacon salad
  • Pasta, pesto & parmesan salad
  • Brown rice, tomato & parsley salad
  • Chickpea, sweet potato, kale and turmeric salad
  • Quinoa, cranberry & cauliflower salad
  • Moroccan roasted vegetable salad
  • Soba noodle salad
  • Asian coleslaw
  • Israeli cous cous salad with pumpkin & capsicum
  • Green bean, capsicum & almond salad
  • Supergrain salad with freekah, lentils & seeds
  • Moroccan cous cous salad
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Sandwiches & Wraps

Devour It Catering offers an outstanding range of sandwiches, turkish rolls and wraps with a great variety of fillings. Ingredients include double smoked ham, roasted chicken breast, whole egg mayonnaise and house roasted vegetables. Priced to please, Devour It Catering’s wholesale sandwiches and rolls are conveniently packaged, beautifully presented and always fresh and tasty. They make it easy for you to offer sandwiches without having to keep your fridge and store cupboard full of ingredients, and they spare you the time of making sandwiches to order.

Our classic combinations come in:

  • Pre-packaged sandwiches
  • Whole pitta wraps
  • Turkish rolls with gourmet fillings
  • Assorted breakfast rolls with gourmet fillings
  • Egg & bacon muffins
  • Breakfast burrito wraps
  • Chicken Caesar tortilla wraps
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Sweet Things

Our sweet range is produced using whole basic ingredients, not premixes like a lot of other suppliers. We use fresh egg, brown sugar, good quality chocolate, and real lemons. The slice recipes are from our Mum’s cookbooks, and are tried and true favourites. Mixed by hand, you can taste the difference between other mass produced slices and ours. We have a great range of muffins, including raspberry and dark chocolate, pear and blueberry, carrot and apple, and our new vegan zucchini and chocolate muffins. Rounding out our range are our friands and cupcakes, perfect to serve for morning and afternoon tea with a barista made coffee.

Our tempting sweets include:

  • Blueberry & white chocolate muffins
  • Raspberry & dark chocolate muffins
  • Mixed berry muffins
  • Pear & blueberry muffins
  • Carrot & apple muffins
  • Chocolate hedgehog slice
  • Cranberry & macadamia muesli slice
  • Lemon slice
  • Blondie slice
  • Chocolate & macadamia brownies
  • Salted caramel cupcakes
  • Triple chocolate cupcakes
  • Vanilla confetti cupcakes
  • Red velvet vegan cupcakes
  • Chocolate cakes
  • Lemon & poppyseed cakes
  • Berry friands
  • Orange & almond cakes
  • Hummingbird cakes
  • Tahini balls (paleo)
  • Chia balls (paleo)
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Devour It Wholesale Catering means:

Our food is made fresh daily by our experienced and passionate team of chefs. We only use quality ingredients and our focus is on producing fresh, tasty and conveniently packaged food suitable for on-selling. Daily delivery to your door means that you can spend less time worrying about food, and more time serving your customers.

Spare yourself the time and the inventory of ingredients required to make food to order. Devour It Catering’s range of products will satisfy and delight your customers while presenting a cost-effective and high quality catering solution for all business owners.